Stopping pain by stopping inflammation

Hi, so after having a decent lower back injury related to degeneration at the age of 30 i like everyone else jumped through all the medical hoops. Medical hoops you say? yes, dry needling, massage, stretching, hot and cold treatments, doctors pain killers, chiropractors, physio, rest, relaxation methods, reducing sugars and other dieting methods, sleep treatments and supplements, light training, de-stress meditation, inversion table and the list goes on. It wasn’t until i met an Australian retired doctor, that gave up an empire of clinics. This doctor changed paths due to understanding (after many years) that 95% of pain and long term health problems were due to body inflammation. Our bodies can become inflamed in many ways, like diet, stress, injury and by many of the treatments designed to help our pain and injury. So what i have found and would like to share is that we all know our own bodies and all we have to do is listen within ourselves more and never forget that prevention is always better than cure.
So pain associated inflammation would come in the form of headaches, sore joints, back pain, many bowel and stomach issues, sinus and many more. So how do we largely limit inflammation or eliminate it all together? Firstly a healthy diet is the biggest factor in most cases. Sugar in the levels that we see in today’s food is a major contributor to many problems. So greatly reducing sugar in your diet will create positive effects within just days. For people living in cooler climates or air conditioned offices, drinking enough filtered water (also fluoride filtered) is key to heavily reducing headaches. 2-3 litres a day will improve over all health.
2 supplements that work wonders are curcumin which is turmeric extract and omega 3, i takes these daily at double dosing.
One last point id like to make is that when back or joint pain starts that is a sign that excess fluid is in that particular area and causing pressure on surrounding tissue and nerves. So getting these areas manipulated, cracked, needled, flexed etc will only create more inflammation in the hours after the treatment. Your best bet is to give the area a few days rest and manage the pain. Pharmacy style anti inflams and pain killers are best used at this time only. Once mobility can be achieved again then normal daily movement should be resumed.
Like always prevention is key, so healthy diet, lots of clean water, keep your body moving with whatever training, find the time to de-stress and takes some natural anti inflammation supplements like the curcumin and fish oil extract omega 3. When in perfect health that is the best time to get massages and other treatment to maintain a good strong body. Thanks for reading 🙂