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Are you man enough?

Are you 30 years old or over? You will most definitely be low on testosterone. Are you a guy that is?. We can all remember when we were 20 years old, full of beans, high on life and nothing was too hard. But as we age our natural testosterone production slows down, right down, and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar for health

G’day everyone. i want to quickly tell you about apple cider vinegar and how it effected me! It’s good! How did i start taking this wild tasting old school liquid? Well a policeman came into our store one day and we got talking about injury, he said he had cured his painful knee issue with […]

Stopping pain by stopping inflammation

Hi, so after having a decent lower back injury related to degeneration at the age of 30 i like everyone else jumped through all the medical hoops. Medical hoops you say? yes, dry needling, massage, stretching, hot and cold treatments, doctors pain killers, chiropractors, physio, rest, relaxation methods, reducing sugars and other dieting methods, sleep […]

Banana muffin in a mug!

Need a healthy breaky idea? Have a go at the muffin in a mug! I’ve been making these for some time now and i’m loving the natural energy that i get right through until lunch time each day. It’s easy just throw 1 egg, 1 medium banana, and 40 grams of oats into a large […]